Airsoft VSS Vintorez

Airsoft VSS Vintorez for sale in the USA

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Since it looks like quite a few different manufacturers are planning on releasing Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG we will do a comprehensive comparison of all models released.

**NPO-AEG VSS Vintorez **- currently available for sale on

Russian made NPO-AEG VSS Vintorez is a close copy of the real steel unit. NPO-AEG works closely with real steel manufacturer and constantly modifies its replica.

LCT VSS Vintorez - ETA April 2014

LCT airsoft VSS Vintorez review will be made as soon as LCT unit is rleased. LCT AS Val is expected to be released in February 2014.

G&G VSS Vintorez - ETA 2014

Airsoft VSS Vintorez made by G&G

King Arms VSS Vintorez - ETA late February 2014

Airsoft VSS Vintorez made by King Arms

Echo1 VSS Vintorez 'IGOR'- ETA unknown

Airsoft VSS Vintorez 'IGOR' made by Echo 1. Review will be available when unit is released. Please see this pre-production review: IGOR REVIEW

Zeta Lab Airsoft VSS Vintorez - Project Canceled

ZETA Labs VSS Vintorez.